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Forex robots vs Forex systems

There is a constant supply of both forex trading software and forex trading systems being released online monthly. For newcomers to forex it can be difficult to firstly tell the difference between the 2, and secondly how to choose the system/software which is right for you. In this article I will demonstrate the difference between them and give you some pointers on how to utilize them for maximum profits.

Forex trading robots

Forex trading software, also known as ‘forex robots’ are essentially software which allows anyone to trade online automatically. Essentially some very clever mathematicians worked out you could program software with various trading formulas to predict the market and trade accurately. Most of the forex robots available are based on the Fibonacci Formula – which can essentially determine the most profitable time to enter and exit a trade. The harsh reality is that more often than not ‘forex robots’ are too good to be true. There are only handfuls that I would recommend, and even then I would suggest newcomers use these with caution – it is quite possible to burn large amounts of cash if you do not have some basic understanding or training in foreign exchange.

Forex software for newbies

Forex trading systems

Forex Trading Systems on the other hand are specific formulas developed by trader’s. These formulas are created in a way to predict market fluctuations, learn from swings and essentially take the guess work out of trading. Some systems can come in the form of predictions on currencies which are emailed to the user. Other systems are essentially ‘live platforms’ which plug straight into the marketplace and feed the data back to the user in real time. So in essence Forex Trading Systems are a safer bet as you are in complete control of trading – which in turn minimizes your risk.